Benefits of Directory Submission

This week AOneRank has brought you some digital marketing hacks that would totally boost your business to an extreme level. I bet a Directory Submission would be great for increasing sales and making the users aware of your business. If you have just discovered a Directory Submission we are here to provide you with its benefits.

Although digital marketing and SEO seems to be a wide task, directory submission is an easier way to earn passive traffic. You can do this in just a pinch of investment. Every time a user searches for a particular good or service in the search engine directory websites are the first ones to rank. If you have a directory submission a lot of customers will get to know you and surely approach you.

Now you might be aware of how a directory submission works. Here are some of the tested benefits of directory submission. You can always contact AOneRank through telephone or email. Call at 77 700 54 600 or email at We are here to provide you with consultancy services and training as well.

Benefits of Directory Submission


1- Quicker Indexing

If you have submitted your website or business in directory submission sites such as Just Dial, Sulekha, India Mart, Trade India, Yelp or any other directory portal the search engines will better understand what your business is all about. This will lead to quicker indexing and better ranking of your website. Hence your site will be crawled, detected and indexed faster.

2- Higher Link Popularity

When you submit your website or business in a directory portal they will provide you with two links namely contextual category link and unique directory listing. The one-way inbound link provided by directories is given a high regard by the search engines.

3- A Directory Submission is mostly free

This is a great benefit of a directory submission. Even if your funds are drained out you can drive your business towards success using a directory submission. Most of the directory websites do not charge the user for submitting their business. However, if you wish to upgrade to a premium status then you need to pay some amount.

4- More Pages Indexed

If you have linked your websites with great quality directories then your website ranking will increase and more pages will be indexed in search engines in a short time span.

5- Improve your Search Engine Rankings

Major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask rank websites according to how well they are doing in their particular niche and how informative they are. Directory Submission helps in defining your website to the search engines and hence boost your rankings.

6 – Better Keyword Targeting

You can submit a directory that packs keywords which are crucial for the ranking of your website. Now when a user search for the exact keyword or anything similar to it your website is would most probably rank.

7- Higher Page Rank

It has been studied that quality directories are more likely to rank in Google. The page rank depends on how well described your directory is. Higher page rank means more awareness among the customers and increased sales.

8- Share on Social Media

Some directories websites offer its users with a share button through which they can share their directory page on social media platforms. This helps to increase awareness about your business, direct more traffic towards your website and attract more customers.

9- Enhance your Brand

Having a high position in a Directory site is no less than a brand building. This provides you the authority in your niche. In this way, a lot of customers will approach you for a business.

10- More Customers

The ultimate and combined result of all the benefits of a directory submission is more customers. As your website traffic boosts and everyone gets to know your business your profit graphs will go up.



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