Analysis and optimization processes have to be formulated keeping your business in mind in order to create your web presence. Information on your market, competitors, customers that you need to attract, products and service that you would like to market using web provide a clear input to the designing process. It helps in fine-tuning your designs for the customers and the search engines.

Interactive web design and developement with search engine optimization assures you better page rankings and increase the number of visitors to the site. Realizing that Search Engine Optimization needs to be the objective of web development and implementation process, following are the key phases and process of an SEO life cycle.

Keyword research & analysis

Keyword research & analysis acts as the basis of a website that is in need of heavy traffic from various search engines. The purpose of this research work is to finalize on effective keywords or key phrases using which a website needs to be marketed. Identifying the phrases that drive in high quality traffics from leading search engines to your site is the success of your research work. Identifying the related keywords to your site and analyzing their impact over your site’s traffic yields high ROI (return on investment)

Site analysis

Simply SEO analysis is not the only method to get your site on the top of search engines. It just gives you an overview of your website’s potential, areas of improvement, and the obstacles. With the ever-growing popularity of search engines and page ranks, the earlier you have your SEO analysis done, the safer you are. With commendable efforts you an convert your analysis to an appreciable marketing input.

Competitive analysis

You need to be attentive with the growth of your competitors, not just their growth – their strength, weakness, opportunities and threats (SWOT).  Keeping an eye on your competitor’s keywords, its success, number of inbound links is very essential to compete and stay on the top.

Statistic analysis

Statistical analysis gives you partial information from what you need to know. It gives you the details of the country of your visitors, number of times they clicked on to your site, how long they were on to your site, etc. But the problem is that you might be receiving number of hits per day, but they might be visiting your site only for a few seconds.

META Tag Setup

We have a tag that is created in order to give the keywords, description details and other related information to spiders. It is invisible, and can be seen only by viewing the source of the page.

Site content optimization

To have search engine visibility, you need to use keywords and phrases focusing your main targeted audience’s queries. You must ensure that these words frequently used in your page and is quite prominently seen.  Too much of these used can appear to be a spam.

HTML code optimization (optional)

Use a clean HTML code using CSS tyles. They benefit you, by enabling you to place the styles in the external files thus reducing the size of the page and improving the update format by reducing file size and fast updation. Simply updating the external css style file would give you the changes all over the site.

Descriptive site map creation

A sitemap has all the links to all pages of the site. Navigation is simpler for you and the search engine to crawl, thus ensuring that all pages are found.

Search Engine submission (free search engines)

A term used for registration of the website with the search engines.

Link exchange page creation

Link exchange pages are for exchanging links between high quality websites. It is called as reciprocal link exchange page.

Link Popularity campaign

Number of incoming links or the outgoing links for your site from various sites and directories is known as link popularity. Directories can include Business directory, Web directory and links from sites with articles can also add to this popularity evaluation.

Link popularity is achieved when you add links to various search engines, websites and directories. It is popularly known as link building. Greater the number of incoming or inbound links, greater the page rank and page popularity.

Campaign duration (Maintenance)

Many organizations feel that once their site has been optimized, then their work over the site optimization is complete, while actually there is much more. They do not realize that the search engines keep changing their algorithms at regular intervals, hence having tremendous impact over your site’s rank and position. You need to realize that a SEO campaign / maintenance is an ongoing process that needs to be monitored regularly to have a competitive edge and reach your targeted results using your specific keywords.

SEO Maintenance Service include:

  • Keyword monitoring
  • Web Statistics
  • Log Tracking
  • Website rank monitoring
  • Re-optimization of few keywords (optional)

Without these services, your site’s position can slowly get down in the search engine results. It continuously keeps you above your competitor, while they are continuously trying to push you down the various search results. This can happen very easily, or can also not happen at all.

Monitor search engine & directory submissions

Monitoring and Identifying added links whether back link is present or not. Deleting if it is not present.

Web ranking report

This report gives you complete details about your Google page rank. Google uses link popularity as one of the measure to decide on your page rank. Quality inbound links can enhance the page rank (PR > 3). Google also uses an algorithm called the PageRank to finalize on the page rank for the pages that match the search keyword.

Link Popularity Report

This report is considered as a valuable while dealing with the visibility of the web page in top search engines. Websites requires atleast one incoming links in order to be indexed by the some search engines, else they are sure to be left out without being indexed. This report gives you information of number of inbound links with top search engines, link partners and directories.

Keyword position report (SERP)

SERPs – Search Engine Results Positions for keywords are clearly known from this report. It measures the position of keywords in top search engines by using the rankings given to the web page by the search engines while optimizing.


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