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Peoples always search shortcuts, keyboard shortcuts, excel shortcuts, ms word shortcut keys, computer keyboards to speed up their typing speed. In this article i have tried o mention all the shortcut keys to speed up your work efficiency and knowledge. I have covered every aspects of computer keyboard, 50 Shortcut Keys Computer, All Computer Shortcut Keys, Basic Computer Shortcut Keys, topic what, how and why? Now lets start Keyboard Shortcuts Keys !!!


What is shortcuts?

Shortcuts is a command, used to speed up computer and software operations. 

Keyboard Shortcuts

Their are many keys in keyboard for operations. When we use more than one key for our computer / software operation, then we must hold two or more keys on the keyboard for operation, this happens due to keyboard shortcuts. 

Computer Keyboard

A keyboard is assembled with our computer pc / desktop or laptop for typing purpose, this is computer keyboard. 

Computer Shortcut Keys

Ctrl + A Select all text
Ctrl + C Copy selected item
Ctrl + V Paste selected item
Ctrl + X Cut selected item
Ctrl + Ins Copy selected item
Ctrl + Home Paste
Ctrl + End Go to end of document
Ctrl + <— Move one word to the left at a time
Ctrl + —> Move one word to the right at a time
Alt + F File menu option in current program
Alt + E Edit options in current program
F1 Universal help
Shift + Del Cut selected item
Shift + Ins Paste selected item
Shift + Home Highlight from current position to beginning of line
Shift + End Highlight from current position to end of line

keyboard shortcuts
keyboard shortcuts

Excel Shortcuts

Ctrl + N Create a new work sheet
Ctrl + O Open an existing work sheet
 Ctrl + S  Save a work sheet
 Ctrl + W  Close a work sheet 
 Ctrl + Z  Undo an action
 Ctrl + Y  Redo an action
 Ctrl + F2  Switch to print preview
 Ctrl + F  Search in a spreadsheet / find or replace
 Ctrl + F1  Show or hide ribbon 
 Ctrl + T  Switch between open work sheets
 Ctrl + Shift + U  Expand or collapse the formula bar
 F1  Open help panel
 F7  Check spelling 
 F9   Calculate all  work sheets in all open work book 
 F10  Turn Key tip on or off
 F11  Create a bar chart on selected data
 F12  Open the save as dialog box
 Alt + Q   Move to tell me or search field on the ribbon
 Alt  + F  Open the file page
 Alt  + H  Open the home tab and format text and numbers
 Alt  + N  Open the insert tab
 Alt + P  Open the page layout
 Alt + M  Open the formula tab
 Alt + A  Open the data tab and connect to short, filter, analyze and work with data 
 Alt + R  Open the review tab and check spellings 
 Alt + W  Open the view tab and preview page breaks and layouts 
 Alt + H, B  Add Borders
 Alt + H, D,C  Delete Column

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MS Word Shortcut Keys

Microsoft shortcut key is to boost up your typing speed and accuracy.


Frequently used ms word shortcut keys 

Here is the list of frequently used ms word shortcut keys.  Read it and save it for future use.




 Ctrl +  O   Open a document
 Ctlr + N  Create a new document 
 Ctrl + S  Save the document
 Ctrl + W  Close the documents
 Ctlr + X  Cut the selected content to the clipboard
 Ctrl + C  Copy the selected content 
 Ctrl + V  Paste the contents
 Ctrl + A   Select all document content 
 Ctrl + B  Apply bold to text
Ctrl + I  Apply italic to text
 Ctrl + U  Apply underline to text
 Ctrl + [  Decrease the font size by 1 point
 Ctrl + ]  Increase the font size by 1 point 
 Ctrl + E Center the text  
 Ctrl + L  Align the text to the left
 Ctrl + R  Align the text to the right 
 Ctrl + Z  Undo the previous action
 Ctrl + Y  Redo the previous action
 Esc  Cancel  the command 
 Ctrl + Alt + S   Split the window document
 Alt + Shift  + C / Ctrl + Alt + S  Remove the document window split

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MS Word Shortcut Keys


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