MS Word Shortcut Keys

MS Word Shortcut Keys

MS Word Shortcut Keys

Microsoft shortcut key is to boost up your typing speed and accuracy.

Frequently used ms word shortcut keys 

Here is the list of frequently used ms word shortcut keys.  Read it and save it for future use.




 Ctrl +  O   Open a document
 Ctlr + N  Create a new document 
 Ctrl + S  Save the document
 Ctrl + W  Close the documents
 Ctlr + X  Cut the selected content to the clipboard
 Ctrl + C  Copy the selected content 
 Ctrl + V  Paste the contents
 Ctrl + A   Select all document content 
 Ctrl + B  Apply bold to text
Ctrl + I  Apply italic to text
 Ctrl + U  Apply underline to text
 Ctrl + [  Decrease the font size by 1 point
 Ctrl + ]  Increase the font size by 1 point 
 Ctrl + E Center the text  
 Ctrl + L  Align the text to the left
 Ctrl + R  Align the text to the right 
 Ctrl + Z  Undo the previous action
 Ctrl + Y  Redo the previous action
 Esc  Cancel  the command 
 Ctrl + Alt + S   Split the window document
 Alt + Shift  + C / Ctrl + Alt + S  Remove the document window split



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