12 Bloggers who make more than $10,000

12 Bloggers, who make more than $10,000’ you must be wondering how do they do so? They are two types of people some blog for passion while some blog for money. However, there are more people who choose to blog as a career. Monetization from a  blog is its heart and soul, as earnings are the only way through which you can pay your server and domain costs and also hire professionals for digital marketing and SEO and running of your blog.

AOneRank brings you the list of 12 Bloggers who make more than $10,000. Hope this would be quite inspiring and will drive you towards working harder to achieve your goals. AOneRank helps your blog be a successful one. We offer complete SEO, PPC, Digital Marketing services, consultancy services and training. Call us at 77 700 54 600 or email at info@aonerank.com.

Below is the list of 12 Bloggers who made their earnings to the $10,000 mark.

12 Bloggers who make more than $10,000

John Lee Dumas

John Lee Dumas is an American blogger from Puerto Rico. He is a successful entrepreneur and podcaster who founded EoFire. Basically, he earns from podcasting and his annual revenue amounts to $182,000.


Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn is another successful blogger, podcaster, and entrepreneur widely known for his website Smart Passive Income. He uses his website to perform income experiments and then publish the reports on the web portal. He generates his earnings from affiliate marketing and his yearly revenue amounts to $109,000.


Lindsay Ostrom

She blogs on cooking and food photography. Lindsay’s source of revenue is affiliate marketing and her income amounts to $35K.


Michelle Gardner

Michelle Gardner is the founder of makingsenseofcents.com. He has been helping readers to improve their finances. His monthly earning amounts to $70,000. His website niche is frugal lifestyle and savings.



Abby is the founder of justagirlandherblog.com. Her income amounts to $31K and her revenue source is affiliate marketing. Her website niche is ‘home organization, home decor, and DIY’.


Jon Dykstra

Jon Dykstra is an entrepreneur and blogger who founded Fatstacksblog.com. His blog targets on ‘high traffic online magazine ‘. Jon earns $29K through AdSense advertisement.


Mathew Woodward

Mathew Woodward is the founder of the award-winning blog matthewwoodward.co.uk. He is a blogger striving to provide the readers with online money making tutorials and unique case studies. Matthew earns $22k through Affiliate Marketing.


Holly Johnson

Holly Johnson is the creator of Clubthrifty.com. She runs a beautiful blog that targets savings and frugal lifestyle. Holly mostly earns from Affiliate Marketing and her earnings amount to $27K.


Harsh Aggarwal

Harsh Aggarwal’s blog shoutmeloud.com is loved by millions. He is an Indian blogger who blogs for bloggers and offers a complete information for you to grow online. Harsh earns $17K through affiliate marketing. The niche of his website is Blogging and online income and tech tips.


Daniel Johannes

Daniel Johannes is the founder of the alittlesliceofthepie.com. The site was started to document his discoveries through online income. His revenue source is his own services and products. Daniel earns $21K and his niche is Amazon and e-commerce.


Gina Horkey

Founder of HorkeyHandbook.com Gina Horkey blogs on freelance writing. She earns a revenue of $15K from offering online courses.



Rosemarie earns $12K from her blog BusyBudgeter.com. She writes on money savings and DIY. Her revenue comes from ad networks such as AdSense.


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