12 Email Marketing Techniques That Work Well in 2017

Every growing business search for Email Marketing Techniques that work well! As you may be aware of the fact that email marketing is one of the most effective ways through which you can reach a greater part of the customers and get a good response. With the rapid spread of internet over the world, everyone is connected through emails. As an email is user-friendly businesses can use it for promotion and marketing.

Since the business is changing day by day we have brought you 12 Email Marketing Techniques That Work well in 2017. Email marketing is very crucial for the growth of any business. Through email marketing, you can quickly respond to changes and adapt the content in order to target different social groups at the same time.

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1- Work on your Subject Lines

For a successful email marketing, you need to implement a strategy that aims towards improving your subject lines. The better your email subject lines will be the better response you will get from the customers.

Studies have proven that an email containing just 10 characters had an open rate of 58%. So, if you want that most of the customers have a glance at your email, you need to work on your subject lines. Make a strategy for this or you can also contact AOneRank for consultancy.

2- Personalize your email without using their name

Try to personalize each with the receivers or recipient’s name. An email with a personal touch is given more importance than a regular one. This seems genuine and the customer feels interesting in reading the email and maybe purchase your products or services.

3- Study and Research on Email Sending Time

What is the best time for sending a promotional email? Ask this question several times to yourself and then decide an email sending time according to the nature of your business and type of customers targeted.

Some studies done by AOneRank prove that weekends are better to send emails. As this is the time with people are looking forward to shopping and are in a jolly mood. However, you run an email marketing campaign from 8 pm to midnight.

4- Make your email Mobile Optimized

It has been reported that 53% of the emails opens are performed through a smartphone. These days not everyone uses a laptop or computer for surfing the web and other online chores. With the increase of smartphone users, the necessity of mobile-optimized websites and emails seek attention.

Design your email in such a way that it easily opens and is displayed on a mobile screen.

5- Give Away Something

To catch the attention of the viewers you need to gift something or scheme something like a lucky draw. It has been studied that email that contains giveaways have the highest open and click rates. Make such strategy and implement it in the right time and way.

6- Address Subscribers who are Inactive

If you look back to researchers you will find that a large portion of the email list is not active. These do not open your promotion and follow up emails.

Identify such kind of people and try to seek their attention with the help of emails that provide them much attention and offer discounts.

7- Leverage Social Media

Social media at a point of time might not bring you traffic, but it is effective at driving customers towards reading your promotional emails. The social media strategy can attract customers towards your promotional emails.

8- Make your Email Attractive

It is observed that emails that pack images and attractive visuals are more likely to receive clicks. You must add a cover image or graphics to your email that seeks the attention of the user. It has been studied that promotional emails which contain fewer images do not get more clicks. To get consultancy services on email marketing you can feel free to get in touch with AOneRank.

9- Optimize CTA’s

Email Marketing can be enhanced with the help of CTA’s (Calls to Action). These are of great value and also do not cost you much. CTA’s usually bring more clicks to your emails and provoke the readers to give an instant response.

10- Test your Email before Sending

You should send emails randomly. Make some good research and then come to an end whether the email will work or not. You can refer to some email marketing tools such as Litmus to provide screenshots of emails in different clients.

11- Social Proof

Customers are usually influenced by the behavior of others. For an instance, if a user is making a decision about buying a product, he/she will refer to the reviews other customers have provided. Mention positive vibes about your product and company in your emails.

12- Curiosity

Your emails should be designed in a way that arises self-interest in the user. It should be filled with curiosity so that the user is tempted to open and read it.


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