Benefits of Bulk SMS in Business

Ting! You have received an SMS you would surely unlock your phone to see what the SMS is all about or might think whether it’s something important. But you read a promotional or marketing SMS. Hope you buy the product or show interest towards the services they are offering. The same thing happens with the customers.  If you are thinking of integrating SMS marketing strategy into your business this could be a leap towards boosting your marketing efforts and increasing sales. Some businesses are confused whether to use this strategy or not. If you are of this type I must tell you that this blog is for you.

In the recent years, SMS marketing has been observed to drive a lot of traffic/customers towards businesses. For an instance, suppose a person is too busy to take a call or open his email inbox but he/she will surely have at glance at the mobile phone’s messaging section. So, if you have sent a promotional message, he/she might turn to approach you for some deal.

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Benefits of Bulk SMS in Business


Gets Instantly Delivered

As I have mentioned earlier an SMS is far more effective than an email or digitally send a promotional message in terms of instant delivery. Whatever the SMS may be the user tends to read it. It has been studied that the SMS is opened 60 times more than a usual promotional email or something like that.

Easy for the Customer to Read

Not every customer has access to the internet, some might not be smartphone users or may not have time to open the email inbox to respond your email marketing efforts. On the other hand, an SMS is easy for the user to read as it does not require a web access. They can just read it at a click of a few buttons.

High Open Rates

This is too a quite similar benefit of Bulk SMS as the above. When compared to digital marketing, email marketing, and social media SMS is opened at a much higher rate. When a customer feels the vibration of a message in his pocket he surely opens his messaging box to read it.


An SMS is highly reliable it does not have any chances of being affected by spam. Unlike emails, it does not affect from spam. There is no hindrance to an SMS. You can easily benefit from a bulk SMS strategy.

Short and Easy to Read

An SMS is usually 160 characters long, which is not so difficult for the customers to go through. You must fix the concise details that force the users to go through your data. An SMS usually make things simple and easier. It is a short and easy way to get in touch with customers.

Cool Factor

A major portion of the society does not use email. But everyone uses a mobile phone that supports messaging. Send your customers an attractive message to increase your credibility and make them aware of your latest products, services and special offers.

Limitless Market Potential

There is an infinite number of mobile phones in the society. So you can target plenty of people in the society. There are no limitations to an SMS marketing it is like a gold mine to the business. The more you target the more benefits you will receive.

Reach the Customers wherever they are

Unlike an email campaign, an SMS can reach the customer wherever they are. Even if a customer does not have internet access he/she can respond to an SMS. For an example, if a customer is in a remote area or is traveling he would not open his email inbox or social media accounts, but he will surely check his messaging box. So here an SMS campaign in a business helps.

Cost Effective

Other digital marketing hacks may cost you much, but an SMS marketing is a traditional but effective one. It does not require much customization and investment.

High Conversion Rate

SMS has a high rate of subscriber action when compared to other promotional contests. It has been studied that an SMS has much more response than any other marketing strategy.

Does not Require Internet

An SMS does not require an internet connection so can be accessed by most of the users. An SMS campaign is not dependent on an internet, so you can execute it anytime and from and anywhere you want.


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