Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing

These days it’s too difficult for a business to survive in a scenario of utter competition. WhatsApp marketing a trending digital marketing hack that has been working wonders. This is one of the best platforms that can boost your digital marketing efforts. Probably not everyone has the time to open email inboxes or read new papers but everyone check out his/her WhatsApp.

You can add media to your WhatsApp message and make it eye catchy and impressive. There are plenty of benefits of WhatsApp Marketing. Read on to find more information. Get in touch with AOneRank to learn Digital Marketing and get consultancy. You can feel free to email us at or call 77 700 54 600. Right now we are targeting Mumbai, Thane area. But you can get consultancy or digital marketing or SEO through Skype or any such service.

Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing


Better Engaged Customers

As you may be knowing that WhatsApp has millions of users throughout the world. A short, attractive and information message can add a lot to your marketing efforts. Through WhatsApp, a business can get in direct touch with its customers. By including WhatsApp into your marketing strategy you can reach more customers and answer their queries quickly.

It lets you send Media

WhatsApp lets you send catalogs, eBooks, and brochures to your customers. Unlike an email marketing where you have to prepare a promotional email with much effort, WhatsApp has eased the media sending process. Here you can send informative media content just at a click.

Track Messaging Delivery Reports

Other marketing tactics like an email marketing do not offer analytic options. While WhatsApp messaging let you know whether the message has been read or not. So this way you can keep a track of who all have been aware of your business.

Send Locations

WhatsApp allows you to share location with much ease and comfort. So you can share the location of your business and let customers reach you without any hassle. This can be a great benefit of the marketing system. Usually, customers find it difficult or do not prefer to search for a business, with the shared location they can easily reach you.

Positioning your Brand

WhatsApp marketing means you are building a personal touch with the customers. Once they like your product or service they will surely contact you for further deals. Moreover, you can use WhatsApp for instantly responding to the queries of your customers. This will build the faith of the customer in you.

Build a Team

It is pretty much easier to create a group on WhatsApp. You can create a dedicated group for support or where customers can leave their reviews. This can also improve the image of your business and you can also maintain a personal touch with your clients.

Build the best Mobile Customer Relationship Management

WhatsApp lets you make the best use of Mobile CRM. This is so because the messaging is instant and simple. Every smartphone user keeps a watch on his/her WhatsApp inbox, so you can share important information related to product pricing, trending items and more. Small and Medium-sized business can benefit the most from this technique.

Improve Employee Conversation

You can create a group for your company members as well. This can help you boost your customer service to a higher level. Employees can solve issues in the group with the consultancy of each other. As there are a huge number of smartphone users in the nation you can target a large group of customers through the messaging app.

No Extra Costs

Last but not the least! WhatsApp is a bulk messaging software which does not charge any single penny for usage. You can send messages, GIF’s, Promotional Media and much more that seeks the attention of the buyers for free. So it would not add extra costs to your marketing strategy.


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