List of 25 Part Time Jobs Online or Offline having no Investment

These days everyone is seeking for a part-time job that needs no investment.  As part-time jobs are hard to find we have listed some easy to find jobs for you. People, usually youngsters are willing to quit their 9 to 5 job and indulge in some part-time job that allows plenty of space for their personal life and other activities.

Find the list of 24 part time jobs online or offline having no investment is not that difficult. AOneRank offers you a complete list of part-time jobs. You can call us at 77 700 54 600 or email at to get consultancy services.

Simply scroll down to read a list of online as well as offline part-time jobs.

Online Part Time Jobs


1- Online Surveys

Online Surveys are a great part-time job. There you need to work in a relaxed environment and just need to provide your opinion about a number or product and services.

Every business needs surveys. This helps them to identify the tastes and preferences of the customers. You just need to be careful while doing a survey and you are ready to go. Find out the list of survey sites and apply for a job.

2- Click ads and Get Paid

There a plenty of sites on the internet that pays you for clicking ads. You just need to click on the ad and then view it for about 15-30 seconds.  Look for a site that is reliable and makes payment on a regular basis.

3- Part Time Blogging

Blogging is a job that can even give you a lifetime income. You can start your own blog or collaborate with some other person. To get assistance on blogging you can contact AOneRank. Call us at 77 700 54 600 or email at

4- Complete Gigs on Fiverr

Fiverr is a commonly known website that lets you become a seller and offer services for $5 or more. I have seen plenty of people earning money from the portal. It offers you to do hundreds of things and make money out of it.

5- Content Writer

If you are good at writing this would be the best part-time job. Content writing is a comfortable job as you can even do it from your comfort zone. Register with freelancing sites and make money by writing some good content.

6- Online Tutoring

These days video chat and Skype have made it easy for tutors to offer their services online. If you are expertise in a field you can sell your services through video chat.

7- Affiliate Marketing

If you want to make more money, you can work hard on affiliate programs. There is a wide range of online portals that offer affiliate programs. All you need to do is join the programs you like and promote the products.

8- Earn by Playing Games

This may sound something nuisance! But really you can earn playing games. Gaming companies offer job offerings that require gamers for testing their newly launched games.

9- Data Entry or Form Filling

If you are part-time job seeker then you must be familiar with this job. There are plenty of data entry jobs available on the web. If you are good at typing you are effectively doing the work and earn well.

10- Become a Captcha Solver

Captcha is a way to control robot use and spam. There are some companies that offer Captcha solver jobs as no software or automation can solve these. If you work part-time you can easily make 5000 to 6000. You just need to be good at identifying the images and text displayed as Captcha.

11- Micro Jobs

These refer to getting paid for small tasks such as sharing a page on a social networking site or Google, identifying a video clip or image, article review and such.

Look for websites that provide such micro jobs and you are ready to make some money out of it.

12- Part Time Seller

You can become a part-time seller on any of the e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Flipkart or eBay. Open the e-commerce portal and click on the link that reads ‘join as a seller’.

Now you can act as a businessman. Sell the things you want at a low-profit-margin and keep a track of orders and shipment.

13- Online Consultant

If you have expertise in a field you can set up an online portal, describe your skills and provide consultancy services. You can also offer training through a video chat or such.

14- Photography

These days DSLR guys have been common. If you are such you can sell your photographs online or create your own website where you can display and sell your photos.

To get help in creating a website or blog feel free to call or email AOneRank at 77 700 54 600 or

15- Become a You Tuber

This is quite similar to becoming a photographer. You can make videos of any niche through a professional camera or even a simple smartphone and upload it to YouTube. The video sharing site pays you for views and clicks on the ads displayed on your videos.

Offline Part Time Jobs


1- Offline Data Entry

Data entry jobs sometimes require a computer without an internet connection. They will just ask you to type a number of pages on a daily basis.

2- Part Time Office Job

Keep a regular check on job portals such as Indeed Jobs, Craigslist, Naukri and such. Here you can find part-time jobs that pay you well.

3- Home Tutor

You can offer home tuitions to young chaps at your home. You can also visit their home for providing education to kids. This may only require 3-4 hours’ time and may earn you a good amount of money.

4- Insurance Agent

If you are good at convincing people becoming an insurance agent can be a good choice. For this, you need to approach an insurance company and then complete the training.

5- Network Marketing

There are plenty of companies like Amway and Herbalife that offer network marketing jobs. You need to convince more and more people to join the chain and earn money after every person who joins under you.

 6- Translator

Some companies or openings require a translator position. For this job, you must be fluent in a language other than English.

7- Pet Groomer

If you are a pet lover find out a pet grooming supply and approach it. These can pay you a good amount of money and just require about 4 hours a day.

8- Music Instructor

If you are a musical guy you can share the knowledge with other people and get paid for it. Become a music instructor at your own home or join an institution.

9- Event Planner

Event planners are in great demand these days. You can surely turn out be an event planner and get paid for it. Planning things would just take 4-5 hours a day. Open your own planning company or simply join one.

10- Home-based Franchise Business

Some companies offer franchise business that requires an individual who sells their products in their area. You can look for such company and take the franchise.

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