Make Money by Social Media Optimization Free of Cost

As you may be knowing that social media is a great way through which you can drive traffic towards your website. Social Media Optimization or SMO does not cost you much but is highly effective as these days most of the people are using social media. This can increase your brand awareness and bring more people to approach your business. Social Media Optimization can always be a free asset that can bring you more organic search.

In this article, you will be knowing how anyone can earn money free of cost through social media. You will also get to know how social media drive traffic towards your business and help it grow. Contact AOneRank for consultancy services and learn SMO (Social Media Optimization). Call us at 77 700 54 600 or email at

Before you begin reading this blog I must tell you that Social Media Optimization is an essential factor for digital marketing and SEO. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest are great sources from where you can drive more and more traffic free of cost. We at AOneRank are here to help you take your business towards success with the help of SMO.

How to Make Money by Social Media Optimization Free of Cost

You can give your viewers all the information they want through Social Media. SMO or Social Media Optimization is a way through which one can get viewers on their website or attract customers to purchase their services or products free of cost. I will be explaining to you how to ‘Make Money by Social Media Optimization Free of Cost’.

The factors that positively affect Social Media Optimization are as follows:


If you are willing to do a successful Social Media Optimization then you must post valuable content on your blog or website. Your content should target all sections of the society irrespective of caste, religion or county. As social media is common for the world your content should be targeting all the nations.

Create content based on true research and proper information. Informative content is helpful in SMO as more and more people will be impressed with your knowledge sharing skills and will be visiting your homepage for subscription or something like that.


Content Navigation

As I have always said, ‘Content is the heart and soul of any website or blog’. Your content should be user-friendly and the navigations created should aim towards making the user feel more comfortable. Your post may contain data, stats, lists, and images. This may help you in doing best through social media platforms. If your article is tool long suppose 3000 or 5000 words then you must navigate it in proper categories.

This helps the reader to easily reach the stuff he/she was looking for.

Add a ‘Social’ section on your Website

This is a common tip every one into social media optimization should use. You should integrate Social Sharing tools in your website or blog’s theme. The social media sharing buttons help the readers to share the post if they really like it.  This can bring a lot of quality traffic to your website. As some social media platforms have high authority your content can rank well this way.


Be Consistent while Doing an SMO

You must have created a social media profile for your business. This does not mean that it will immediately bring you traffic and help you earn money free of cost. You need to be consistent in your work.
Complete your profile to 100% as social media platforms value profiles containing a complete information. This also tends to make your page professional and adds value to it.  The contact details should be the same as displayed on your website. Besides all these factors you must keep the above-mentioned factors in mind.

Stay Social

Social Media Optimization will work only if you are interacting with your viewers. You need to be social on social media platforms, answer all the queries of your viewers, send links to recent posts that may help them and post often.

Use an Attractive Cover Image

Once the viewer discovers your website or blog’s page he or she will first glance at your cover image. If you are using a branded cover image this will put a pleasing effect on the viewer. Your social media cover photo should be conveying a message about your business that gradually arises interest in the minds of the user so that he/she scrolls down to view the complete page and then open the posts.


Looking for more information? You can feel free to contact AOneRank at 77 700 54 600 or email at  We are always available to offer you with consultancy services and teach you Social Media Optimization (SMO).


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