What is Social Media Optimization and How to do it

I have often come across questions like ‘What is Social Media Optimization and How to do it’. This is one of the trending search topics for every beginner who is striving to learn digital marketing, SEO or SMO (Social Media Optimization). As always AOneRank is here to help you out solve all your queries and make things easier.

Here I will be explaining to you What is Social Media Optimization and the ways through which you can do it. Making money with social media optimization is not that difficult. You are just a few minutes away from getting all the information related to SMO. For additional services, consultancy services or more information feel free to call at 77 700 54 600 or leave us an email at info@aonerank.com.


What is Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization is the process of boosting your traffic by increasing the awareness of your brand, product or event. It is creating posts or content well optimized according to social media websites such as- Digg, stumble upon, Reddit, Sphinn and much more. Social Media Optimization is quite important as Search Engine Optimization. You can make money free of cost by social media optimization. SMO is an essential if you are wishing to grow your blog or website to the extreme.

As you may be knowing that social media is very popular these days. Everyone is growing social and a business with good social presence is very well known.

Take an example of a Men’s Fashion Club running its store offline in Mumbai, Thane area. The business soon starts creating an online portal for its store and promoting it through social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and more. The administrator of the site regularly posts updates about new comings to the store, manages the social media pages and puts such kind of effort.

In a short, while much visitors are engaged to its social media pages, everyone likes the new products and soon the customers into his store increases. This is Social Media Optimization. The same goes for blogs, you can bring more visitors to your blog by sharing your content on social media and optimizing the pages so that they reach the masses.

How to do Social Media Optimization

Even if you are a newbie you can easily get familiar with the SMO process. Doing social media optimization is an easy task, just read below and you will get to know some important SMO hacks.


Make Sure that your Content is worth Sharing

Social Media Optimization means the content is quite impressive and is worth sharing. The more people will like your content the more will tend to visit your website or blog. Once people are impressed with your content they will bookmark your website and pay a regular visit to it.

So your content must be impressive and informative. Develop your content is such a way that more users are engaged to it. This will also help in decreasing the bounce rate of your website.

Add content on a Regular Basis

If your website has fresh content more users will come to discover your site. Adding content and sharing it on social media also result in archive posts just within a few hours after it is published. To ease the process you can schedule posts for publish at the desired time and date.

Design your Website for Easing Sharing Post

To take a step forward towards Social Media Optimization you need to make your content easily shareable. Add user-friendly ‘Social Media Share Buttons’ to every page of your website.

This allows any viewer who likes your post share if on this social media page. This lets your business appear in the social media news feed. Some popular social media portals like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can bring a huge amount of traffic to your site through this process.

Your search button must be located at the right or top of the post or at any other place of the page that is easily accessible by the user.

 Work on your Social Media Profile

Your website’s social media profile is the foundation of all your SMO efforts. You must make your Social Media profile page attractive and eye catchy so that it attracts viewers towards its self. Spend some time to add the complete information of your business, mention what products or services you are offering and provide full contact information.

Add a nice cover photo that conveys a message about your nature of work or any such thing. Try to use a username that resembles the name of your company.

Use Social Media Analytics to Measure your Efforts

After you have followed all the Social Media Optimization methods you need to measure the results. To have a look at how much traffic has social media brought to your website you can use free tools like Google Analytics.

If you are getting good results from your SMO efforts it is a party time. If the social media accounts of your business or website are unable to bring traffic and organic search you can get in touch with AOneRank for consultancy. Call at 77 700 54 600 or you can also feel free to email at info@aonerank.com.

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