15 Free Tools for SEM’s and Startups to help in Digital Marketing

Every digital marketer must be well aware of the fact that is difficult to drive a business towards success without the help of Digital Marketing Tools. These are crucial to provide you a top ranking in the search engine and each most of the customers. Despite the fact, some think that digital marketing tools are too expensive and are out of reach for small business and startups. However, if you too think like this, let me tell you that I have a great news for you. AOneRank brings you 15 Free Tools for SEM’s and Startups to help in Digital Marketing.

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Read the blog below to know 15 Free Tools for SEM’s and Startups to help in Digital Marketing.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is one of the most effective tools that you can get for free. This assists you in reaching your advertisement tools and hit your advertising goals. You can use AdWords as a keyword tool and make the most out of SEO.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most user-friendly tool which packs an extremely easy to use platform favorable for all kinds of users. It is used to measure your digital marketing efforts and sometimes works as the backbone of a marketing campaign. The tracking code feature offers you the huge amount of metrics without charging a single rupee.


Hoot suite

HootSuite is a free multi social networking tool that combines most of the common social media platforms. The tool is helpful for small and medium-sized businesses for carrying out social media strategies that add to your digital media strategies. HootSuite is highly effective in managing all your social media accounts from one place which result in saving a lot of time.



Semrush is not completely a free tool, however, the free trial period lets you find much information that boosts your digital marketing efforts. Using Semrush one search for your competitors and find their top ranked keywords. Moreover, one can check their traffic and backlinks and also fix website problems.


Similar Web

Similar Web is quite common to Semrush, the free tool not only lets you get an overview of the website ranking but also a number of users engaged with it. Similar Web is very user-friendly and allows to users to get the data of top 50 websites from a specific URL.



Boomerang is a Gmail plugin that helps to schedule your outgoing emails. This is very useful when you think of hitting the group of customers using email. Small and Medium-sized business often can’t afford high promotional tools, so Boomerang can prove effective in email marketing. You can monitor your email campaigns and connect with your social media accounts just at a click.



The infographic maker of Canva lets the user see how non-designers are developing beautiful infographics. The free graphic designing tool has a user-friendly interface that allows even unskilled users to create presentations, graphics, and visuals.

The broad array of info-graphics, layouts, templates, visuals, images, and graphics available at Canva lets you boost your social media and content marketing efforts.


Simply Measured

This tool is greatly used by startups and small business, it offers metrics and social media measurement tools that help in digital marketing.



Hotjar is a tool that lets you examine the traffic of your website or blog. Using Hotjar UI developers and digital marketers can optimize the conversion rate and usability of your website. With the tool, you can get a better view of your site’s traffic.


Socio Board

Socio Board plays a great role in manage social media. The tool helps in managing a large number of social media platforms and manage their activities. As social networking is an essential factor for digital marketing the tool is helpful for all SEM’s and startups.


Slide Share

Slide Share is a tool that fetches you with professional results. The tool is used for creating slideshow presentations that can be added to YouTube or other platforms. The user interface is user-friendly and offers a broad array of editing options, transition effects, and music.



With the help of Rapportive, a user can combine his/her Linkedin account with the Gmail account. The tool puts the social media details of the email sender. If you receive plenty of emails in a day then this tool is helpful for you.

Use Rapportive to add functionality and get more information about the email you received.



Wistia is a free tool that offers online professional video services that is helpful for small businesses, startups, SME’s and startups.

Using Wistia one can customize their videos, boost traffic, increase brand awareness and more. You can easily upload and share videos through Wistia.



This is a free tool that organizes your digital media collection in a much easier way. The diary or organizer stores the information of all the people you are scheduled to meet. The portfolio created by Charlie App is highly professional and helps you give the best performance in meetings.


Buzz Sumo

With the help of Buzz Sumo, you can gain access to relevant and useful content. This is a helpful tool for the digital marketing industry. Using the tool is also very easy, simply provide the key phrase in the search bar and you will be shown a list of the most popular posts.


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