What is a Digital Marketing Campaign

What is a Digital Marketing Campaign’ this is a very common question that comes in the minds of every SEO learner. I have already talked a lot about ‘What is a Digital Media Strategy’. If you are new at AONERANK you must know that we offer consultancy services and a complete guide on Digital Marketing and SEO. You may feel free to visit us or give us a call. All clients for Mumbai and Thane area are heartily welcome. However, scroll down to read much about a Digital Marketing Campaign.

digital marketing campaign
What is a Digital Marketing Campaign

In today’s web world you need to make modifications in the way you used to market. Digital marketing hacks are great for every online business or blog. Digital Media Strategy and Digital Media Campaign very easily confuse people. Let me tell my readers that they both a quite similar but not same.

A Digital Marketing Campaign is a wide range of targeted actions that act towards making a successful digital media strategy. Whereas a Digital media strategy combines of all the actions that make your overall goal achieved. Read the main steps towards building a digital marketing campaign:

How to Create a Digital Marketing Campaign

Define your Goals

Before getting started with a digital marketing campaign you need to make a graph that shows you what is to be exactly achieved. Make your marketing goals clear whether it is to create brand awareness, customer retention and increase customer acquisition.

Before you begin with setting goals you need to keep the following things in mind:

  • Who is the target audience?
  • What are you striving to achieve?
  • What are the results required to make the campaign a success?
  • What is your budget?
  • The desired results which will make your digital marketing campaign a success?
  • What is the determined period of time for the digital campaign?

Choose your Marketing Tools

Your marketing tools determine your company’s online visibility. You need to grasp a better understanding of each digital marketing network will work the best for your digital marketing campaign. Read below and you are just a step away for understanding the best platform for working towards a digital marketing campaign:

Social Media Marketing– The use of social media to develop a digital marketing campaign is a very effective factor. Social Media is somehow expensive but it increases awareness among the masses and makes your business popular.

Search Engine Optimization– SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a great factor in the long-term ranking of your content. After a good SEO, your search engine rankings will improve. SEO involves entering high-level keywords and highly engaging content for the readers.

 Pay Per Click– PPC or Pay Per Click is a common way to increase traffic to an online business or website. Advertising has always been a common method for marketing. Once you add an ad network to your website or blog the advertiser will pay a sum every time the ad is clicked.

Affiliate Marketing– Affiliate Marketing is a highly effective marketing tool. The marketing form has worked wonders. You can get highly paid and the ads published are highly user-friendly.

Measure your Digital Marketing Campaign

You need to regularly measure the success of your digital marketing campaign. Measurement of a digital marketing campaign varies upon the platform used. Read below to find different measurement tools that work with different search platforms.

Google Analytics– Google Analytics is a measurement tool offered by Google. Google Analytics is considered as the most accurate way to track the success of your blog or website.

Establish your Google Analytics account and you can now measure and track reporting traffic on your website. Google Analytics is extremely user-friendly and allows you to filter your searches and find from where most of your traffic is coming.


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