How to make a website free of cost step by step method for beginners


How to make a website free of cost step by step method for beginners without any coding or technical knowledge

I am trying to write my first professional blog on website development, pardon me for any mistake.

This article will help those who want to rock on the word, but they have limitations  like no knowledge of coding and programming, no technical degree, dropout students who think big but no resource, artist, photographers, bloggers, business startups, students and many more.

Come to the point : I will write all the steps how to make website, book your domain names, purchase hosting, database connectivity, my sql server knowledge, dbms k

No Knowledge:

website design and development

data base connectivity

my sql knowledge

data base management system knowledge

Problem in contact form

No Money:

No need to hire freelancers.

No need to hire web developer & designers

No need to hire any web development company/ agency.

No money for web hosting

No money for book domain

Every thing around you is no no no no… but still want to built yourself, rock on the world.

If you really want to become entrepreneur without having money no need to worry your brother, your friend, your son is here to help you.

Now its time to begin..

Basics about free website design:

there are numerous website builder in the market, and many free blog creating platform are there:,,,, But i will strongly recommended not to go for that.. 

It has no value, all they provide your domain like this  (, When your user or your friends or college or family member see this its looks very unprofessional and cheap , you will lost your credibility . 

If you dont know html, css, javascript then you are not able to make website.

Its nice to here you you don’t have any knowledge of website designing and development or coding and programming knowledge.

Things are over

Today is a day of CMS( content management system ), CMS means you don’t have any knowledge of technical programming, coding no matter. By the use of content management system you can easily manage your websites, add multiple pages, add post, add multiple images / gallery, add social media like/ sharing option. Various features are given in the form of themes and plugins.

What is themes in CMS( content management system )?

Themes are the presetted designs or developed layouts for websites.

What is plugins in CMS( content management system )?

Plugins are extra features developed by web designers and developers. Example: google map plugin, social like and share plugin, facebook like plugin, email subscription form plugin, contact us form plugin etc. 

What should you do for website design and development?

For website design you must have three things:

  1. domain
  2. hosting
  3. website creation

What is domain name?

Domain name is a name representing your company or yourself.It is unique and specific.Ex. When you born, your parents have choose a  name for your identity. In a  similar fashion domain name is also a face or identity of your brand new company or new born baby company. Difference is only that many people can have with a same name but a domain name can be only one , it is unique around the globe. it is managed and controlled by domain name registrars. It represents as internet protocol address(ip address).

It is in the form of tlds (top level domains) ex: .com, .net, .org, .edu, .info…..

CTLDS (country level domain names) ex: .in, .uk. , .us, .au.

Things to remember before buying a domain name.

  1. Domain name must be eye catchy 
  2. It is easy to remember.
  3. short and sweet.

If you follow these steps your name or brand will be  remeberable to your user.

D not use,, and never use popular bran in your domain ex:, it will never give results as per your expectation.

how to choose or select domain name?

follow this type:, godaddy, google …

It is very easy to remember and catchy.

Cost of domain name:

Domain name cost between 1$ to 10$ and so on depending on the domain popularity.

For you i will suggest type godaddy domain offer and click on the result, this domain will cost 1.5$ or rupees 99 for one year .. I think you can afford this amount of your future .

How to make a website free of cost step by step method for beginners
How to make a website free of cost step by step method for beginners

click on any link either it will be godaddy, bluehost, hostgator, 1and1 or bigrock… i will recommend godaddy is best and it will provide you very nice customer support, this will help for newbie. 

Next step to choose your hosting plan:

What is hosting?

Hosting is a storage, where your web content or website will be store. It is a type of internet hosting service that allows individuals or company to make their website accessible via world wide web.Hosting companies provide space on a server . Ex: Hosting is like a home, it can be on rent or own.

To start own host is difficult and costly for you always prefer hosting on rent.

Types of hosting:

vps( virtual private serve)

shared hosting

dedicated servers

Now your hosting and domain is available on only 99 rupees / – month.

I think you can afford for whole sole owner of a future rocking means you can start your own company only @99/- rupees. Agar itna bhi nahi kar sakte to ek din ka chai pani aur khana nahi khana sochna apni company ke liye fasting rakha hoon. Ek din ke paise se aapki company yani 99 rupees main aapki company start ho jayegi. How to make a website free of cost step by step method for beginners.


its ok now , Now have name and home too means domain+ hosting is ok .

move to next step  to prepare your food means to make website for you.How to make a website free of cost step by step method for beginners.

Now follow my steps for website designing free of cost:

  1. Login to your godaddy account, you can choose anyother domain name company also but i prefer godaddy.
  2. search your domain name here 
  3. select your domain name :
  4. then countinue to cart> go to next > next > purchase the domain

Now time to book hosting :

follow above steps for purchace hosting @99 /- month .  After purchase 


Insert your domain name 


Finally your domain name is created in your data base now you can move further for wordpress development.

Now click on home > click on wordpress 


scroll down and click on install and bro finally you are going to rock into the world.

Type your name or company name to new tab ex.

waoooo ummmmaaahhhhh maja aa gaya … my website is live .


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