Why You Must Do PPC (Pay Per Click)

Why You Must Do PPC (Pay Per Click)

PPC is an advertisement of your product / services in the Digital Marketing Business. Into the Digital World PPC (Pay Per Click) is said to be an accurate bow entering into the consumer’s mind directly within a short span of time. About 60% of marketers think that Online marketing will become increasingly more important to their marketing activities in coming few years.

What is PPC (Pay Per Click)

WE allare aware of the advertisements that appear alongside with the search results on Google or any other search engines. Then you are already familiar with pay-per-click or PPC advertising. PPC is the paid search ad or an inorganic search result. Google advertising, search engine advertising or paid search. PPC ads appear on Google, above the organic search results. It is an online advertising medium. As the word Pay per Click itself says that it is paid on each click. In PPC, the advertisers pay each time to the search engines at each click on their online ads.

How Does PPC (Pay-Per-Click ) Advertising Work

PPC is suitable for any kind of business whether it is small, medium or big. For any ad to appear alongside the results on a search engine/ SERP (Search Engine Results Page) advertisers needs to pay money so as to ensure that their ads appear on SERP. When a consumer look out for his needs, e.g. Designer dress, Indian Dress, pizza nearby and many more. In such cases, the paid results or PPC appears to rank first. By default, audience trusts the first page results and approach the concerned advertiser. It ultimately turns into sales.

Generally, it is not easy. Here, the benefits of PPC advertising takes some time and requires prior expenses. You could easily spend lump some money and become profitable through PPC advertising. To be successful I would strongly recommend using an experienced PPC specialist or hiring an advertising specialist. Just like A One Rank Contact: +91-77 700 54 600. Email address: info@aonerank.com

Need of an Hour

There are over 2 billion people online. 93% of online activities start on a search engine. There are 40,000 searches every second, and 3.5 billion searches per day. There are millions of opportunities for your business to become found on search engines. Hereafter, advertising online has nowadays become a necessity. PPC provides immediate results for the paid advertisements.

Brand Building

For Start-ups, PPC provides the best medium for brand building. It’s like to build an image of a particular Brand into the consumer’s mind. If a person searches for his / her needs search Engines would give up the PPC results. This puts the name of the brand into the consumer’s need. Thus consumers hereafter know your Brand name.  A few results would be in the form of call tracking, site links, and customer reviews on your PPC advertisements. . In other words, PPC advertising will help people become aware of your brand.

Target Audience

In PPC pay-per-click advertising, businesses running ads are only charged when onlookers actually clicks on their ad, hence it gives genuine buyers targeting limited areas. Here, it also promotes your Business in specific timing, particular area, with appropriate Keyword definitely helps in the quick promotion of your Business. PPC advertising also include display advertising and remarketing into your targeted market. Hence, PPC targets quality traffic towards your Business.  

Measurable and Trackable

The PPC results are Measurable and Track able. The advertiser can easily tracks or keep up the records of his / her audience. PPC and SEO are highly related marketing channels. Insights from PPC advertising can help you build your SEO strategy. It also helps in Keywords planning and brand building. Awareness is an important factor because your website visitors may not always be ready to purchase. However, by being aware of offerings, consumers may purchase in the near future. If you think critically, you can gain an advantage of your site visit over large audiences. This is another reason why you should use a PPC management service.

Ample Sales

Sitting at one corner of the world and running business globally. Currently it has become possible because of Digital Marketing. Unless you are a global company, you don’t need to target the world. You need not to spend your money for unnecessary crowd. You need to display your ads only in front of your target audience. Search Engines allows you to target your advertisements to needy consumers in certain location or locations that you specify to meet your business goals.

Advertising Expenditure is controllable

When it comes to PPC ad campaigns, about 4 out of 5 businesses focus on Google Ads. PPC provides many facilities like time limitations area specimens, amount per click, etc. This may spend your money but to an extent whereas will provide you the profit in return. We may earn Immediate and consistent traffic with less investment Into Ad Campaigns like PPC.

Pay-per-click acts as a platform for online marketing where the advertiser has to pay the search engine an amount each time the ad gets clicked. It is basically a method of buying visits to your websites rather than earning the visits practically. Your website here acts as a dealer explaining the consumers’ need. Basically PPC advertising is a tool that bridges a gap between a consumer and a dealer.  Within a short span of time, it helps to reach targeted audience by selecting options of who can see your ads and when someone performs a click on your ad. With PPC you can build your online presence and plan the marketing strategies accordingly.

Considering all the benefits of PPC offers, there’s little risk. But it is always advisable to hire an efficient and Professional Advertising Specialist.


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